NEW Combo Slide Dry/Wet

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  • From $350.00

    NEW 20′ Double Slide Dry-$350 / Wet-$425

    Our NEW for 2024 20′ Double Slide Dry/Wet is the one of the newest addition to our slide family. The slide features a easy-to-use water misting system that you will not have to remove and install or constantly re-adjust. The climbing area, top landing platform, and certain pool areas feature a unique non-slip material for a safer experience when being used as a water slide. The NEW 20′ Double Slide Dry/Wet has a full pool with a raised wall for safety and to prevent water from splashing out.

    The NEW 20′ Double Slide Dry/Wet can be used as a dry slide. All you have to do is detach the removable pool, secure the hook and loop fasteners, expose the hidden stopper at the end and you are ready to use as a Combo Slide Dry.

    Dimensions: 28’L x 17’W x 20’H
    Weight: 497 lbs.
    Pool attachment weight: 61 lbs.
    Slide platform height: 12 feet

    The kids will have hours and hours of fun with this game. This game is very safe, but we do recommend adult supervision. The space required is 30 feet by 50 feet, and must be on a level surface. To rent this game, check the availability below, and then click on the date you wish to rent If game is to be delivered, please select the county where the event is held.

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